Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Dogs

My family unit involves a husband, two teenagers, three dogs, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a fish. My kids know all to well that the dogs come before them. When something gets broken, the kids know they are the ones who are going to get blamed. That's just how it works in my house. Actually, I think I have the sydrome where my kids are getting to that age where they just need to move on. They are no longer at the cut stage. They are at the, everything they touch gets dirty stage.
Everything my dogs do is cute. Really everything. Even when it's not cute, I still find it cute in a sick kind of way. One of our dogs is smaller and more compact. She is also a hefty forty five pounds of solid muscle. Because she is small we baby her more. She gets away with things the other two don't get to do. She works us and we know it. All she has to do is bat her green eyes at us and we give her anything. If she wants to sit up against our backs in the chair while we are eating dinner, that's OK, because she's cute. She get's the other two going just by getting into the play stance. The only problem is when she does it in the house, all three of them start running full speed through the house. They run up and over the couches, chairs, between legs, and banging into walls. As I scream at them to get outside, they keep on playing. I can see the look in their eyes and I know they are laughing their heads off.
Our older dog is our singer. She goes through the house with her hound dog songs. Once my husband or I get up for the day, then she is up and giving us her best. We can get her to sing on command usually, but it is always followed with a sneeze. She is our most expensive dog by far. Two summers ago, she had her knee replaced. That knee works like a gem. It's the other that needs some attention now. The surgery is pretty traumatic for the dogs and their people. They have to stay in a pen for three long months. Not fun for anyone involved.
Our middle child dog is a goof ball. He is in his own world most of the time. We have taught him to put a ball in his mouth when he is out front. Our property is all fenced in and the front yard has all the excitement. That is usually where he gets in the most trouble with barking. He is a definite boy when it comes to having the balls laying around to play with. He is our soccer player. He is better than some kids I have seen on teams. He has learned to hit too.
My kids do have their strong points too, but my furry kids don't talk back usually. They give me serenity.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your dogs. I have always belonged to a dog family. Growing up, we had many dogs and always two at a time. A few years ago, when my Nana and Papa passed away, my family inherited a basset hound. Ever since then, my parents will not aknowledge any oter breed of dog. They currently have three at different ages. They are crack-ups.

    My fiance and I bought our first house last september. Two days after moving in, I was bored and decided to visit the local SPCA. Totally unplanned, I came home with a Beardoodle (bearded collie/poodle mix). He smy greatest treasure in life. He is so affectionate and friendly and just a joy. I don't understand people who don't love dogs. I feel immensely sorry for them.