Saturday, March 28, 2009

When it comes to my birthday, I prefer to just let it go by without anyone acknowledging it. From all my friends views, I know I come off weird. My husband surprised me with a few of my friends at a restaurant once. I was absolutely mortified so much that I had a margarita with tequila in it. I don't react well to alcohol or should I say tequila? I wish I could say that I turn fun and that I was dancing on the table. No, I get sick, turn red and want to throw up. It's nowheres near fun . Well, my husband is one of those that want everyone to know when it's his birthday. We (our kids and I) know we are in for misery the entire week of his birthday or depending on how it falls in the week, it could go on for two weeks of birthday week. Ugh! It really is funny. He knows how annoying he is being, but persists anyways. So if he wants something, his excuse is because it's my birthday and I should get it. He also sings. Not just a little singing. It's a lot of annoying singing and really loud obnoxious singing. It's not good. Really really not good. His birthday was on March 25th. So because it fell on a Wednesday, we have two weeks of it. I have never heard of this until him. Does anyone else have birthday week or two? I don't want anyone to get the wrong opinion of me or of him, he is a great guy and I am lucky to have him. He just needs to go somewhere for the week of birthday week, so he doesn't bother us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

OK maybe it's just me, but I am still struggling with this site. I can't seem to be able to read some of the peoples blogs. When I go to click on the profiles they disappear. Is it just me? Maybe it's the weather that is making things freak out. Then again there is that thing called Mercury in retrograde. Maybe we are in that? All I know is that some of the people in the class I am able to see and others I struggle with getting to read their writings. I guess that is enough ranting. I am just frustrated. I have sat here for a half hour trying and clicking buttons. Seriouly, I am not an idiot. I just can't get to where I need to be going. Actually, it took me some time to find my way back to this spot. I had so many windows open.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Sunday

I am still coming off of a great weekend. It had been three years since the last time my husband and I had been skiing. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, other than it being the time change and all. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law took our son up in their motorhome with our neice and nephew. What a cushy ride for them. We had the truck with the giggly teenage girls. The girls slept over Saturday night. What is amazing to me is how three girls can destroy a clean house so quickly. Oh well, they had fun doing it. Once we got out there skiing, it was like we had just done it the other day. The one thing I love about skiing is the beauty around us. The thing I don't love is the lines and getting stuck on the chair lift when someone falls getting on or off. It had been years since I got on the King chairlift at Sierra at Tahoe. It will be another 30 years before I do it again. It is a quick chair getting on and off, but incredibly slow moving. The chair stopped a few times while on it. There is a spot on the hill, whenever the chair stops, that scares the daylights out of me and everyone else. It is so far down. Your mind races as you sit there. How will they ever get me off of this thing? Apparently, it didn't bother my son because he just kept on talking. It's just scary. As we were over on the West Bowl area riding the chairlift, we could see a critter walking along the snow. My first thought was that it looked like a beaver. There is no way a beaver could be walking through the snow. I must have said it out loud because the group in front of us told us it was a porcupine. They are nocturnal though. We never did see him again. He must have been sleep walking. Back to skiing, the snow was incredible. Some areas were just a little icy in the shade. Once we were all done skiing, my sister-in-law, who does not ski, cooked us dinner. What a way to finish up skiing, spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. She was our maid for the day, because she also cooked pizza for lunch. We didn't go hungry that's for sure. Then we packed up and headed home. What a great day!