Friday, February 27, 2009

My daughter has just finished up her drivers ed in high school. Having my daughter drive has always been a fear of mine. She has a tendency to be absent minded, a lot. When my son started driving, I had no fear with him. I know he is the methodical one. He will not put himself in any kind of dangerous situation if he can help it.
During the four day holiday, we were down in Pismo Beach. The whole family decided to venture out to the dunes. We brought our dunebuggy with us, while the rest of the family rented quads. My daughter really surprised me. Not only did she do a great job driving, but she also concurred a stick shift. I am hoping my fears of her driving out on the public roads are gone. I know they will never completely disappear, but the terror, I believe is gone.


  1. awh i'm sure all parents are scared when their kids start driving. when i got my license i was even too afraid to drive alone for a while. and then i got into a major car accident and basically never wanted to drive again =[ but i do anyways....BTW i went to elementary school with your son =]

  2. My parents weren't concerned when I learned to drive. I learned, and initially owned, on an automatic transmission. My parents were more concerned when I bought a stick shift without actually knowing how to drive one (long story). That was just a few years ago. I'm an only child, so they never stop worrying :o)