Saturday, March 28, 2009

When it comes to my birthday, I prefer to just let it go by without anyone acknowledging it. From all my friends views, I know I come off weird. My husband surprised me with a few of my friends at a restaurant once. I was absolutely mortified so much that I had a margarita with tequila in it. I don't react well to alcohol or should I say tequila? I wish I could say that I turn fun and that I was dancing on the table. No, I get sick, turn red and want to throw up. It's nowheres near fun . Well, my husband is one of those that want everyone to know when it's his birthday. We (our kids and I) know we are in for misery the entire week of his birthday or depending on how it falls in the week, it could go on for two weeks of birthday week. Ugh! It really is funny. He knows how annoying he is being, but persists anyways. So if he wants something, his excuse is because it's my birthday and I should get it. He also sings. Not just a little singing. It's a lot of annoying singing and really loud obnoxious singing. It's not good. Really really not good. His birthday was on March 25th. So because it fell on a Wednesday, we have two weeks of it. I have never heard of this until him. Does anyone else have birthday week or two? I don't want anyone to get the wrong opinion of me or of him, he is a great guy and I am lucky to have him. He just needs to go somewhere for the week of birthday week, so he doesn't bother us.

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