Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daughter's driving

So my daughter is now driving legally on the road with an adult at her side. My wonderful husband keeps volunteering me to take her out and practice. I'll admit, I am not the perfect candidate for it. My facial expressions come into play. I am not a good liar in any form. Again, my face says it all. So not only am I trying to get her comfortable with driving, but I am trying to get her used to a manual transmission. I have always found that I have more control driving around the hills with a stick shift versus an automatic. So we were out the other night driving and giving all the neighbors a good chuckle. I had her stop and start constantly so she could get the feel of letting off the clutch and giving it gas. Everyone knew we were coming by the squealing tires. I honestly thought she was doing pretty good, but what I got on my end was "Mom, you are a horrible teacher." I made a point, seriously, of not saying one negative word. I am proud of how I handled myself. I know me and I loose my patience with my own kids. We just have another five months left of this!

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